To continue to transform and increase access to care for patients around the world, 我们正在投资新的合作, partnering with world-renowned institutions, seeking out the next-generation of innovators in healthcare and funding the pursuit of new discoveries and research.

Fostering the Next Generation of Innovation



We invest in companies with innovative technologies, products and therapies that accelerate growth and advance patient care. Each investment opportunity undergoes a rigorous evaluation process to determine if it has the potential to address unmet clinical needs and offer sustainable long-term growth. Our investment focus includes therapeutic areas complementary to Baxter's presence in critical, 医院, 营养, 肾脏及外科护理, as well as cutting-edge technology and therapies.


研究 & 持续进修补助金

We are dedicated to supporting the pioneering efforts of clinicians and scientists who are focused on innovative research, and continuing education for healthcare professionals .


Baxter’s 临床试验和早期项目

Baxter’s clinical trials and early-stage programmes have the potential to impact the treatment and delivery of care for chronic diseases and diseases which pose a serious threat to public health.

Details of new and ongoing clinical trials sponsored by Baxter can be found in: